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How You Can Optimise Your LinkedIn Presence

Optimise Your LinkedIn Presence

Credits: Medium

In this digital era, LinkedIn is arguably the preeminent social network for recruiting and hiring talent, with the number of users growing every day. With more than 690 million members, more and more businesses are using LinkedIn marketing to network, connect, and grow their digital footprint. What once was just a site for job seekers to showcase an online version of their resume, LinkedIn has evolved to become the choice platform for building relationships with like-minded professionals, staying up-to-date with industry trends and uncovering new leads who could become customers.

In this article, we illustrate some ways you can maximize the potential of LinkedIn for your business.

Use visitor analytics for your company page

Company Pages on LinkedIn not only rank highly in search results, but there is also a dedicated section for visitor analytics. Other than finding out the number of views and clicks, you also get to have a detailed breakdown of who exactly is surveying your page. Visitors can be categorised based on job function, location, seniority, industry, and company size.

This then lets you create content to better target these groups, while also fine-tuning your content to better suit the groups that did not view your page to attract them better.

Visitor Analytics for Company Pages

Example of Visitor Analytics for Company Pages

There’s value in linking personal profiles to your company page

Company pages in itself won’t provide much visibility, you will require personal pages to help boost the visibility of your company page. Make sure all your employees’ personal profiles are linked to your company page and improve the credibility of your brand by showcasing the achievements and qualifications of your team members. Show potential clients the hands on the wheel and give them reasons to consider you an expert in the field.

Create an inspiring headline, upload a professional photo, and demonstrate your company’s mission statement with a powerful and well-written biography. Add any presentations, videos, published content, and infographics that can showcase your work experience. It’s also a good idea to incorporate any keywords or skills related to your business on your personal profiles.

Make more connections

No one wants to hear a sales pitch on LinkedIn. But members do want to make connections, which can eventually lead to sales. Small business owners are using LinkedIn to find new leads and identify commonalities, allowing them to contact “warm” leads instead of making cold calls. You might message a prospect by mentioning shared connections or interests, and when the time is right, introduce how your company’s products might work in relation to the industry trend you were discussion. It’s called “social selling” and, according to LinkedIn, it’s working. Social selling leaders have 45 percent more sales opportunities per quarter.

Join an industry group

Another easy step to take is to join in and engage with groups on LinkedIn to share your knowledge, boost your credibility and expand your network further. Pick groups that focus on a specific topic that is related to your industry. A good number of groups to join as a start could be two to three, and make your presence felt in the group by regularly interacting in it through meaningful discourse. This should help boost your online visibility, and you never know, one (or more) of these group members may eventually become your future client.

Avoid relying on buzzwords

Buzzwords are adjectives that are used so often in LinkedIn headlines and summaries that they become almost completely meaningless. You can probably recognise the most overused buzzwords like ‘specialised’, ‘leadership’, ‘focused’, ‘strategic’, ‘experienced’, ‘passionate’, ‘expert’, ‘creative’, ‘innovative’ and ‘certified’. It isn’t that you can’t, or shouldn’t describe yourself as these things, or that they don’t matter. However, just using these words won’t convince others that you have these qualities. You need to demonstrate them as well, be it by giving more detail on your previous job experiences, or through recommendations and endorsements where your co-workers can vouch for how you showed these skills.

Utilise LinkedIn Product Pages

Utilise LinkedIn Product Pages

It’s one of the quickest steps to boost your LinkedIn profile and user-friendliness for potential clients! Your leads can scroll on LinkedIn to find more information about your company, while simultaneously finding out more about your products all on the same site. Spotlight previous customers, showcase ratings & reviews, leverage your best media and drive valuable action with a custom call-to-action button to build trust with potential clients.

In conclusion

With more than 30 million businesses on LinkedIn, find ways to stand out among the crowd so that your business is able to generate quality leads and higher conversion rates.

Do you need help managing your LinkedIn profile and company page? At cmoCre8, we help organisations manage their CEO social presence and company profile on LinkedIn to help drive more leads as well as build their brand on social media.


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