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CMO Capabilities

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Find out how we can help you launch and grow your business!

Here at cmoCre8,

We help small and medium size organisations to adopt the marketing best practices from world-class MNC’s.


Our solutions allow you to easily implement the tools and programs as well as develop the teams and strategies to become a best-in-class marketing function.


We provide a hands-on approach, are flexible and focus on delivering value in making sure you get ahead of the market and your competition.


We are based in Singapore but can work remotely with you across the region (or even globe).

cmocre8 Consultancy


Hire your CMO at a fraction of cost.


This is a great solution for companies who do not have a CMO but see marketing as a strategic enabler for growth.


A fractional CMO will work with your leadership and marketing team on both strategy and execution.


We help companies strengthen specific marketing capabilities, whether digital performance marketing, branding, CRM or strategic marketing planning.


This is a great solution for companies in need of a specific area of expertise or implement a project.


Our marketing consultants have deep domain knowledge in Digital, Branding, CRM and many other areas.

Interim Marketers


We help companies hire the right marketing resources and provide advise on the talent and skillsets you need to be become a high-performing marketing organisation.


This is a great solution for companies who are looking for the right marketing talent by leveraging specialist recruiters who truly understand marketing.


Our marketing recruitment consultants are certified recruiters with extensive marketing experience.

There is always room to grow your marketing potential.

Find your CMO needs - all in one place. 

Our Areas of Expertise

Have the assurance that we
do it well.

Digital Marketing Transformation

Develop your digital marketing capabilities to optimise your performance across the different stages of the funnel:

  • 360° Digital Marketing Plan

  • Website UI/UX design & CRO

  • Performance Marketing (SEO, PPC, email, etc.)

  • Digital Campaign Management

  • Social & Content marketing

  • Data analytics & Reporting

We help boost traffic to your website, generate more leads, improve your pipeline and boost conversion.


Planning & Brand Development

We help understand your key marketing challenges and help implement the tools & ideas to optimise your go-to-market approach:

  • Market & Competitor Intelligence

  • Brand Strategy & Activation

  • Positioning & Messaging

  • Integrated Campaign Management

  • Data Insights & Analytics

  • Social Media Management

We help unlock the power of your brand to generate new customers and improve brand awareness.

Sales & Marketing Automation

Strategy development, implementation & adoption of CRM technologies such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, Adobe and others:

  • CRM Strategy Design

  • Tool Evaluation & Selection

  • Implementation and Project Management

  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

  • Training & Change management

  • Reporting & analytics

We help you identify and implement the CRM technology tools that best suit your business and make the most out of your investment.

"Brian was a breath of fresh air upon joining the team as a Fractional CMO. It was an untested concept for us and I was not really sure how the results would be achieved but it certainly works which leads to the question, do you really need a full-time CMO? Brian was professional, knowledgeable and managed to lead team members into being better and producing positive results. Look forward to working together again."

        Arthur Fernandez        
  MD Asia & Chief Growth Officer, Jcurve Solutions  

Brands our consultants have worked with.

Get even more out of working with us.

As an Enterprise Singapore certified partner, you can receive up to  50 % funding of qualified project costs when you do your projects with us. 

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