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Effectively marketing a consulting firm can be challenging. Consultancies have traditionally been relying on word of mouth but building a brand reputation and finding new clients can be an exhausting process, especially for newer companies entering a competitive marketplace. What are the marketing strategies you can use to grow your business?  


Challenges Of Marketing Your Consulting Firm

Selling an intangible product
Changes in buying behaviour

The sales process can be complex with lots of nuances which can make it difficult for clients to understand and to compare. That's why positioning is so important. Having a clear and unique value proposition that helps you differentiate within a competitive marketing is critical to the success of your business. 

We see an increased use of online search, social media and other non-traditional marketing channels to find and evaluate consultancy firms. Even reputations and referrals have moved online. Consultancy firms must embrace these changes in order to compete and win in this rapidly changing marketplace. 


For consultancies, it's critical to have a continuous pipeline of new clients. Your marketing approach therefore needs to include a wide range of tactics across multiple channels. Potential leads then need to be nurtured to build trust in order to develop long-lasting relationships. 

How CmoCre8 can help your consulting firm reach new heights

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At cmoCre8, We can cre8 a marketing strategy that aligns with your commercial objectives and strengthen your firm’s brand position and ability to generate a continuous flow of new leads. Our vast experience across B2B professional services companies will allow you to tap into our vast arsenal of highly effective marketing strategies and tactics based on the need of your specific business. 

These marketing tactics include:

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Lead nurturing campaigns

Content Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Brand (re)Positioning

Want to find out how to improve your consulting firm's marketing? 

includes a consulting industry analysis, information on your target audiences, marketing tactics and more.