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As a recruitment agency, it is essential to understand that online marketing is crucial for the recruitment process. With plenty of recruitment agencies in Singapore, it is more important to establish a unique presence. An effective marketing strategy is needed to be found by both companies and job seekers. Our extensive recruitment marketing experience can help unlock new growth opportunities for your business.

cmoCre8 Marketing Services For Recruitment Agency

2-pronged approach when marketing for recruitment agencies 

Potential Business Clients Looking To Hire
Potential business clients looking to hire
Potential Job Seekers Looking For Jobs
Potential job seekers  looking for jobs

Equip your consultants with the right tools to engage customers. Boost the effectiveness of typical "hit & miss" cold-call sessions by introducing more sophisticated B2B marketing tactics leveraging data and technology. Develop content that speaks to your audience at every stage of the funnel. Use social media to engage decision-makers.

Develop your brand and avoid high dependency on job boards. Use channels such as social media and search engine marketing to find the candidates you need, whether active or passive. Use content to build relationships with job seekers. Implement technology to personalise the website content and improve applications.

How cmoCre8 can help your recruitment agency reach new heights

cmoCre8 Helps Your Recruitment Agency

Here at cmoCre8, we provide strategic marketing that has been tailored specifically for your business and recruiting industry needs.  

We will work closely with you to set up or optimise your marketing programs and position you as the agency of choice when targeting companies and hard-to-reach talent pools. 

According to LinkedIn, around 70% of the global workforce consists of passive individuals who aren’t actively looking for jobs. As a recruiting agency, it is key to attract these profiles in an increasingly talent-short market. At cmoCre8, we build on many years of experience working within the recruitment industry and have access to the best practices you need to compete. 

We incorporate a variety of marketing tactics to cre8 an effective marketing strategy. The main ones are: 

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Public Relations

Marketing Automation

Website optimisation

Want to find out how to improve your recruitment agency's marketing? 

includes recruitment industry analysis, information on your target audiences, marketing tactics and more. 

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