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Why You Should Be Creating Content

The internet has permanently changed the dynamic between consumers and brands. It is now easier to access options for products and services thanks to the constantly growing connectivity online. Your company can now reach more potential consumers than at any prior point in history, but the downside is that the same is true for all of your competitors as well. Everyone is competing for the wallets of the same consumer base, so how can you ensure that your product or service is the choice consumers make instead of your competitors? The answer lies in content.

What counts as content?

Content includes things like articles, how-to guides, ebooks, webinars, etc. featuring information related to your product or service. Content has seen a massive shift to the video and audio content that has become more prevalent today. Podcasting for example, has exploded in popularity over the past few years, and this gives you the opportunity to organise informational events relating to your products or industry.

We’re watching more videos now than ever before as well. 85% of Internet users in the United States watch video content monthly, and 55% of consumers want to see more video content from the businesses and brands they interact with.

Does video marketing really equal business growth? 88% of marketing professionals were happy with the ROI on their video marketing projects, so the data seems to point to a yes. The content you create can directly boost your business growth.

Much like any other kind of marketing, creating well-planned, well-executed content that engages with your audience and creates a level of trust will positively affect your revenue. To get the best returns on your content creation, you’ll need to know what kinds of content are popular and how content is changing.

Content marketing can help you build trust with your audience

The most reliable way to build a reputation is through content creation. Creating informative and useful content relevant to your field and the desires of potential clients is a surefire way to drive engagement and demand up, especially when socials are updated regularly to create a strong online presence.

Articles, videos, and presentations relevant to the field you are working in are valuable to potential clients looking for the service you can provide. The content you create can assuage their fears, and reassure them that you know what you are doing, and that their money is well spent on you. The content you create can even be as simple as a blog post detailing your services, the value you give your clients, and how your services benefit them. Giving context to the work you do is an extremely persuasive way of raising your profile and at little expense.

Content isn’t just for your business website either. Your social channels are a viable source of business growth and the content you create for those channels and websites can help you reach your audience in a more direct way. If you get it right, the power of social networks can help you create organic proponents for your brand out of your customers. Happy customers are a valuable marketing resource as well.

Proliferating your content on multiple channels increases your company’s search engine visibility

Proliferating Your Content

Credits: Ibexa

Creating content is great for your search engine visibility if all of your content is optimized for search engines. Providing new content regularly is another good way of making sure that your website does not fall in the search results. SEO rankings love content, so you can make sure that your website and brand has content that includes trending keywords relating to your topic. Content that features keywords in questions related to your product or service helps raise the visibility of your brand when potential new customers start looking for it.

This can also generate leads. When potential customers view your content, that’s an additional foot in the door, and they may be more likely to purchase from you in the future.

More content also provides the opportunity for better audience engagement

Content Provides Better Audience Engagement

Credits: Entrepreneur

Content creation can even help convert consumers who may not have realised they needed your product or service beforehand into paying customers. Your content should inform potential customers on what you can provide, and paint a lifestyle of which can only be achieved if your products are an integral part of.

Educational content typically takes the form of blog posts, product pages, your home page, and your company’s ‘about’ pages. However, it may also include tutorials, reviews, and other content that provides potential clients with the resources they need to make informed decisions.

For a start, you can create comprehensive FAQ pages so that customers have an avenue to have doubts clarified without requiring any additional effort on their part to reach out to you by email or other forms of communication.


In conclusion, relevant content has the ability to create positive experiences for your potential customers and compel them to come back for more. It's your ticket to capturing your audience's attention and continually reinforcing a positive brand impression. Leverage this opportunity and grow your brand!


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