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The Hottest Digital Marketing Trends for The Upcoming Years

Hottest Digital Marketing Trends

The digital marketing world can be simultaneously exciting and exhausting to keep up with. Trends change rapidly at the turn of each year, and if you don’t implement those trends before the tide turns, your brand suddenly has a huge gap to bridge from the competitors. Let’s take a look at the 5 of the top digital marketing trends in 2022 you can put into action.

5 Top Digital Marketing Trends You Should Focus On

Focus on First-Party Data

Pretty much a year left until third-party cookies are deemed obsolete by Google. If you don’t shift the focus to obtaining first-party data, your options for reaching your customer will reach their limit soon.

  • Any digital campaign you create in 2022 should have a first-party data collection method integrated.

  • Reach out directly to your customers via email for information. A personalised email with a genuine curiosity almost always does the trick.

  • Urge them to subscribe to your newsletter when they visit your website.

  • Social media first-party data includes setting up polls and even random Instagram stories as to the audience’s intentions.

  • CRM tools can help you find connections between your audience without compromising their privacy. If they’re using your app, you may directly ask them questions inside the app.

Analytical tools exist for all these platforms, which can give you first-party data without going deep enough to compromise customer privacy. It will also be wise to take the time to do surveys with your audience, collecting zero-party data.

Innovative visual design

The introduction of virtual reality means graphics across the internet have only gotten stronger. There is an emphasis on visuals and conformity of visuals across all channels of a brand.

  • 3D visuals for both images and animated videos.

  • Combining realistic animated imitation of real-world objects with flat design is also known as Neomorphism.

  • Designs that have a high loading speed despite being heavy. This is to please Google's Core Web Vitals.

  • The chances of engaging with these designs in small doses to further engagement. Such as tapping on a flat image on the screen to see the character suddenly move.

Keeping people visually interested is the main goal.

Smart use of influencers

Influencer digital marketing isn’t a new trend. However, it is something many brands have failed to capitalise on, choosing to focus solely on celebrities.

However, some brands are announcing they will share a spotlight with content creators, industry analysts, brand employees, etc. Basically, anyone with major influence in their niche field, even if they don't have a large number of social media followers or engagement.

If you analyse the like-to-follower ratio of most content creators, you’ll notice those with a low follower number have higher engagement. Their small following has a higher chance of actually coming across the content and engaging. People also tend to believe people who can back up their arguments with proof, which is something niche specialists can do.

From the brand’s perspective, lesser-known influencers are also more affordable and yet, have words to share that carry weight.

The rise of TikTok and Instagram reels or even YouTube Shorts now has given huge leverage to micro-influencers. It’s trendy among people who’re online and when they’re scrolling mindlessly, they’re bound to come across influencers they want to follow.

Social Shops

Facebook and Instagram aren’t only for influencers to recommend a product and hope they get a commission when their audience clicks on the link they posted.

Brands can directly recommend their products to their target audience inside the app. For instance, Instagram has a dedicated tab for shopping, and customers are also able to shop while viewing the reels. Customers simply have to tap on the product to view it. They can then hit checkout directly from these social media apps.

Small brands consider this massive ROI, as they don’t have to do paid ads and can recommend their product straight to anyone interested.

Use machine learning for communications

Machine learning allows you to automate a lot of your marketing functions, including engaging with customers.

For example, Persado’s rapid learning of human behaviour led to the conclusion Air Canada passengers respond 3% more if the language used has sparks of anxiety in it. Similarly, safe language led to a 3% drop in response. Language with an exclusive tone meant a 5% drop.

As AIs learn how people respond to certain actions and languages, they can model their behaviour to what will have the best response from customers. You can create entire personal emails with the help of AI without typing anything yourself.

We’re looking at a future trend where communication is faster yet personal.

Final Thoughts

The entire market is going through an extraordinary digital transformation. The introduction of Metaverse and NFTs are changing things rapidly too. It’s not something anyone with basic knowledge of digital marketing could handle and is better left to marketing consultancies.


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