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How You Can Leverage On Email Marketing Automation To Grow Your Business

While email marketing automation is a powerful way of streamlining and scaling marketing efforts, it may be difficult to navigate for the uninitiated. One may ask: do I really need email marketing automation? What email marketing functions can I automate? How much would I really benefit from it? This article aims to throw light on these questions and provide some background for you to get started.

Welcome emails

When you acquire a new customer, it is natural that you’d like to build on that momentum, with the goal of fostering a sense of brand loyalty. A great move to do that is to send a welcome email to maximize the opportunity your initial impression offers. If you can get the customer just as excited as you are, a welcome email can lead to more engagement, clicks, opens, and further business. With email workflow automation, you can welcome every new customer without fail and build upon all-important brand awareness. Marketing automation can help you initiate lines of engagement with new customers.

By sending the email immediately after someone subscribes or makes a purchase with you, your welcome email invites opens, clicks, and purchases by presenting the potential/ current customer with discounts and offers while their business is still on their mind. Sending a welcome email, or a promotional email immediately after a transaction/subscription is a simple way to drive revenue back to your business.

Reminder emails

Sending an automated reminder email based on a date is a great opportunity to not only deliver a timely message to your customer, but also keep them buying your products and services over time. Companies like Nissan collect relevant information about their customers, including the purchase date of their car. They can then use the purchase date to automatically trigger a reminder email six months after the car was purchased to schedule the first service appointment. Things like maintenance fees, returning customers, and engagement are easier to raise with automated reminder emails. If you find your customer base to be growing beyond the ability to manually keep track of, automating reminder emails is a viable option to keep up.

Win-back programs

Email Marketing Automation

Losing some customers to your competition over time is inevitable. Even so, you can definitely boost your retention rates by automating win-back programs to reconnect with former customers.. Proactively reigniting a former customer’s interest in your offerings is made possible with targeted email campaigns addressing any issues that the customers may have faced earlier. You can also use win-back emails for at-risk clients. Thankfully, using marketing automation tools, you don’t have to spend a significant amount of time or labour in doing so.. Using email automation software to send out these win-back emails and programs can help you recapture and win back those customers who may have strayed or been at risk of doing so. By automating the mundane task of sending the email to all your existing customers, you won’t have to waste time doing the repair work manually.

Birthday or anniversary promotions

Sending your customers a special offer on their birthday or anniversary is another effective strategy to drive revenue while increasing customer loyalty and engagement at the same time. Readily available data such as your customer’s birthdate can be used to configure such emails. Most companies make this a required field in the online checkout process, while others usually ask for this information when someone signs up for their email list, or enters their website.

Once you have your customer’s birthdate in your email list, you can set up an email to be automatically sent on their birthday. While the point of the email should be celebrating your customer’s birthday, this email is an excellent opportunity to generate revenue, so including a special birthday discount to encourage recipients to make a purchase is an idea worth trying. You could also use this to recognize the anniversary of someone signing up for your product, making their first purchase, or any other user or company milestones.

The point of these emails is to raise engagement and loyalty of your customer base. By sending these emails out on these milestone dates, you stay relevant in your customers’ minds. It is also a great way to capitalize on dates that they might be more open to making additional transactions on, or open up the possibility and remind them that they might need your good/service again.

Transactional messages and updates

Email Marketing Automation Message and Transaction

When your customers/clients shop online, they want to know that their orders have been placed successfully. They also want to know when they can expect delivery of their goods/services. These types of expectations are fairly standard. Sites like Amazon, Shopee, and Lazada keep their users updated at every stage of the transaction process on the status of their purchases. Imagine having to manually send confirmation and delivery details to every customer/client after every purchase. There’d be no time to do anything else! The clear solution is automation, you can automate transactional messages and updates such as order acceptance, shipping details, and delivery confirmation.

Product updates & launches

On product updates and launches, email automation can help you inform your existing customer base about your new products and features. This is a great way to keep them updated and raise the possibility of returning customers.


In conclusion, you can automate a multitude of marketing functions. Emails to customers that build, retain, and win back brand loyalty and customer engagement can be automated, and the tedious and mundane task of tracking individual customer details can also be automated so as to ensure that they are kept engaged.

Want to find out more about how to better automate your email marketing? Contact us at Cmocre8 to find out more!


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