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How to Use LinkedIn for Business

It’s time to take a fresh look at how we’re using LinkedIn for business.

Although it was initially a place for professionals to start networking, LinkedIn has developed a lead generation tool and publishing platform that makes it a valuable platform for B2B marketing, sales, and more.

LinkedIn lead generation might seem complicated and challenging at first glance, but it is one of the easiest and best ways to find new potential customers.

Your goal on social media should be to start conversations and build relationships. It’s through those interactions that referrals or sales occur. That’s why a mixed approach that uses high-value content, targeted advertising, and general networking produces long-lasting results on LinkedIn.

Use LinkedIn for Business

How Much Does LinkedIn Advertising Cost?

When you consider the cost of advertising on LinkedIn, you’ll need to account for several factors.

  • Who is your target audience for this outreach effort?

  • What is the overall campaign objective for your advertising?

  • How much are you willing to bid?

Advertising through this method of LinkedIn lead generation puts you in competition with other professionals and businesses who want to reach the same target audience. If you’re willing to pay more for each landing page click, you’ll generate more attention.

The cost to win the ad auction depends on the desirability of your target audience. If you operate in a niche industry and want to reach a specialized group, your LinkedIn advertising expenses could be remarkably low.

You’ll also be managing objective-based pricing with LinkedIn. Your charges are based on the campaign outcomes you choose. That means if your goal is to get a website visit, you’ll pay only when someone clicks that link.

Brand awareness, engagement, video views, and lead generation are all potential objectives you can use to create a full-funnel marketing campaign.

Across all campaigns and marketing efforts, the cost of advertising on LinkedIn is about $5.25 per click, $0.80 per send, and approximately $6.50 for every 1,000 impressions.

LinkedIn Strategies for B2B Marketing

When your goal is to increase lead generation on LinkedIn, it helps to have a specific plan to follow to create the results you hope to achieve.

LinkedIn B2B marketing might be seen as an option for revenue generation, but today’s top Chief Marketing Officers use it more for lead generation.

LinkedIn Strategies for B2B Marketing

Here are some strategies that can help you create those connections you need to generate more leads.

1. Don’t let LinkedIn become a blog extension.

Although LinkedIn is helpful for product updates and recruiting, it should also be the spot for engagement. You can accomplish that outcome by using attractive visuals, engaging copy, and content that isn’t a repost from your website. Let your description serve as the pitch, while everything else contributes to the value your brand offers.

2. Stop the Automation

Although automated marketing can be useful on some platforms, it lessens the relationship-building opportunities you’ll find on LinkedIn. Your audience wants personal interactions that prove you have the expertise to solve their problems.

You need to show other businesses that your brand will be there when you need them. When your prospects can trust what you say, it’ll be much easier to show off how much value you offer.

3. Join or Create Groups

It helps to start searching for groups that fit your brand’s mission and vision. When you can actively participate in these conversations, those actions will foster your new relationships.

If you want to establish thought leadership or create a place for your industry that doesn’t exist on LinkedIn, creating a group can help as a B2B marketing strategy. If expertise is your priority and not sales, it’ll be easy to connect and interact with others.

Join or Create Groups

LinkedIn Content Marketing and B2B Marketing

The cost of advertising on LinkedIn doesn’t need to be massive. If you have valuable content to share that can help others, you can take advantage of the free resources that the social media platform offers.

Posting relevant content, answering targeted questions, and staying active in groups are all effective LinkedIn B2B marketing strategies that use content.

Although you could spend all day answering every potential question on some boards, it’s usually better to take a targeted approach. Find the ones you can answer well from people with whom you want to do business.

A high-value, detailed response can start the networking process that gets your foot in the door for a future opportunity.

If your primary content offerings involve a sales pitch, you’ll end up annoying people instead of finding ways to connect with them.

When you want to know how to use LinkedIn for business, these steps can serve as the beginning of your journey. With consistent hard work on this platform, you will have more opportunities for positive lead generation interactions.


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