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The Perse School Singapore

The Perse School is a highly renowned secondary school, founded in 1615 in Cambridge, UK. When it opened its doors in Singapore at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, it faced several challenges in finding its footing in a highly competitive international school market.

With only five pupils when it first opened its doors, the school needed help in increasing its enrolment numbers to ensure its financial viability. 


  • Increase in school tour leads

  • Increase in enrolment number



Increase in enrolment numbers


Increase in school

tour leads

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Improvement in Google's search engine results

How We Helped

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Prior to working with us, The Perse School Singapore had a low Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP), ranking beyond 100. Recognising the importance of keywords in the SEO process, we collaborated with the school to identify and prioritise the most crucial relevant and essential keywords within the Singapore international school market. We then optimised and created more content for the school's website, ensuring that the content was not only engaging and high-quality but also reflective of the chosen keywords. Additionally, we consistently worked on building backlinks to the website - a vital component in improving SEO. 

Overall, as SEO is an ongoing process, we closely monitored the website's performance, making regular adjustments to continually enhance the school's ranking on Google's SERP.

Social Media Management

We collaborated with the school to develop an effective social media strategy that involved identifying suitable platforms to focus on, determining the type of content to be shared, and establishing a consistent posting schedule. We created a content calendar and ensured that content was regularly posted on the school's behalf.

In addition to regular organic postings, we developed and executed targeted paid social media advertisements that aimed to reach the school's target audience and increase traffic to the website. These advertisements were designed to drive bookings for the school tours and enhance the school's overall online presence.

Content Writing

One of the key behavioural traits of the school's target audience - expat parents, was the consumption of online articles. As such, we partnered with several locally and regionally renowned expat and family publications to produce informative articles that aimed to expand the school's reach and establish it as a prominent thought leader in the industry. 

Through these articles, we were able to effectively engage with the school's target audience and provide them with valuable insights into the school's offerings, philosophy and pedagogy. This approach helped to boost the school's credibility and visibility, which in turn helped to attract more prospective pupils and increase enrollment numbers.

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