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Tesseract is a software company that specialises in providing comprehensive business management software. The company aims to streamline various aspects of business operations, making it easier for businesses to manage clients, collaborate remotely, simplify billings, and make data-driven decisions. Its mission is to provide cutting-edge solutions that enable businesses to run efficiently and effectively.


  • Create and implement a strategic brand and marketing plan that will enhance brand awareness and drive sales growth.

  • Refresh the brand image to align with the company's current positioning and messaging. 

  • Develop and implement new marketing initiatives that support inbound lead generation and customer acquisition.

How We Helped

Strategic Brand and Marketing Development

We worked closely with Tessaract to develop an effective brand strategy that appealed to the targeted consumers and offered a differentiated proposition from the competition. This involved conducting extensive market research and analysis to determine Tessaract's unique selling points. We then developed a strategic plan to optimise its marketing resources and improve customer communications. This involved creating a comprehensive marketing plan that included rebranding and revamping Tessaract's brand messaging to align with its new brand image. With our expertise and guidance, Tessaract was able to achieve its marketing goals and establish a strong brand presence in the industry.

Brand Refresh

We oversaw the development of a new logo, collaterals, and other visual elements that would better align with Tessaract’s updated messaging and target audience. Additionally, we conducted a complete website redesign that improved user experience and showcased its products and services more effectively. As part of the brand refresh, we also produced client testimonial videos that highlighted the positive experiences of past customers. Through this collaborative effort, Tessaract was able to establish a refreshed and modern brand image that resonated with its target audience, resulting in increased brand awareness and customer engagement.

Implementation of New Marketing Strategies

We were tasked to implement new marketing initiatives that supported inbound lead generation. We developed a social media amplification strategy on LinkedIn, creating targeted campaigns to reach Tessaract's intended audience. We also built a library of blog content, producing high-quality articles and other valuable resources that helped attract potential customers and generate interest in our Tessaract's services. We alsmanaged its public relations efforts, including creating and distributing press releases to relevant media outlets. Through these marketing initiatives, Tessaract was able to increase its online presence and generate new inbound leads.

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