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SingEd Global Schoolhouse
(part of Chip Eng Seng Group)

SingEd Global Schoolhouse, formerly known as CES Education, is an education firm committed to investing in education at all levels, from preschool to higher education, and in innovative education services that leverage the latest technologies. With a strong presence in South East Asia and an expanding global reach, its goal is to establish itself as a leading brand in the education industry.


  • Attract new student enquiries

  • Establish new brands in local international school markets

  • Increase enrolment numbers for all schools 



Average increase in new leads across all schools


Increase in enrolment numbers across all schools

How We Helped

Transition from Traditional to Digital Marketing

Chip Eng Seng Corporation Ltd, the parent company of SingEd Global Schoolhouse, has been successful using traditional marketing methods for decades. However, with the changing marketing landscape, the company's lack of digital marketing strategies was a missed opportunity to reach a wider audience and increase its revenue. To address this, we developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO,) Search Engine Marketing (SEM), social media management, and content marketing, tailored to the company's unique needs and objectives.

Marketing of New Schools in New Markets

SingEd Global Schoolhouse was looking to expand its market share by acquiring and opening new schools in different locations. We worked closely with SingEd Global Schoolhouse to conduct extensive market research, analysing various factors like demographics, cultural nuances and competitor schools in the targeted regions. This helped us develop targeted marketing strategies that resonated with the local audience, allowing the schools to reach a wider audience and ultimately increase enrolment.

Rebranding of Newly Acquired School Brands

After the successful acquisition of the new schools, we worked closely with SingEd Global Schoolhouse to develop new brand identities that reflected the unique mission, values, strengths and aspirations of each school. SingEd Global Schoolhouse was thus able to successfully rebrand the newly acquired schools; establishing a strong brand presence in the different markets, and ultimately increasing enrolment and revenue.

Centralised Marketing Activities

SingEd Global Schoolhouse, as the manager of multiple schools, relied on our expertise to centralise and streamline their marketing activities. We played a pivotal role in creating a comprehensive marketing strategy that encompassed all of their schools. By consolidating their marketing budgets, improving their digital marketing presence, and optimising their advertising campaigns, SingEd Global Schoolhouse was able to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness while simultaneously reducing costs. Our support in centralising the marketing activities of all schools contributed significantly to the success of the firm's business operations. With our assistance, SingEd Global Schoolhouse achieved great results while operating in a more cost-effective manner.

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