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Lighthouse Canton

Lighthouse Canton is an investment company that provides wealth and asset management services globally from its offices in Singapore, Dubai, and India. They provide data-backed investment guidance to clients and investors that are supported by a strong institutional framework. The company's focus is on achieving sustainable goals for its clients, providing personalised services to meet individual needs.


  • To assess the demand and feasibility of launching a new wealth management technology.

How We Helped

Market Research

In preparation for the design and development of a wealth management app, we used a combination of focus group discussions and 1 on 1 in-depth interview (via telephone and video conferencing) to assess the potential demand and functional user requirements. This qualitative market research approach allowed Lighthouse Canton to gain valuable insights from potential clients and customers. We then conducted an analysis of the research findings and presented recommendations, which helped them make informed decisions on how to design and build their product. By partnering with us, Lighthouse Canton was able to conduct thorough and effective market research, allowing them to better understand their customers and improve their products accordingly.

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