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Long gone are the days where law firms can rely on reputation alone. In today’s competitive and technological environment, firms now have to juggle with digital marketing, website development, social media and content creation. While change is happening quickly, there's still time to adapt your marketing strategy and stay relevant. 


The importance of digital marketing in growing your law firm

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Technology is making it easier to research and compare law firms online. Local search, social media marketing and client reviews are some of the tactics that can help you reach out to more clients - while adhering to ad restrictions under Singapore law.  


Our team of marketing professionals can help you navigate through the world of digital marketing and help you implement a more effective marketing program so you can continue to focus on your clients and cases.  

At cmoCre8, 

We will incorporate a variety of marketing to cre8 an effective marketing strategy. Some of the tactics include: 

Website optimisation

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

Content Marketing

Want to find out how to improve your legal firm's marketing? 

includes a legal industry analysis, information on your target audiences, marketing tactics and more.