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With the increasingly competitive private equity industry, relying on public relations and fundraising alone to seek human capital and new deals is becoming insufficient. Strategic marketing can provide your private equity or investment firm with the boost that you need to get more deals. 


2-Pronged Marketing Approach 

Potential business clients looking to hire
Potential job seekers  applying for jobs

Marketing tactics would be more focused upon building a continuous relationship with businesses. This includes establishing a reputation of being knowledgeable to the different needs required from the various business industries. 
Client's trust is built by displaying knowledge of current happenings in the industry. 

Marketing tactics would be more focused on creating awareness about the recruitment agency and its services.
This can come in the form of social media engagement or creating valuable content pieces that would help job seekers in their job applications. 

How cmoCre8 can help your recruitment agency reach new heights

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Here at cmoCre8, we provide strategic marketing that has been tailored specifically for your business and recruiting industry needs.  

We will work closely with your marketing team to optimise and establish your recruiting business as the agency of choice while also targeting passive and hard-to-reach talent pools. 

According to LinkedIn, around 70% of the global workforce consists of passive individuals who aren’t actively looking for jobs. As a recruiting agency, it is key to attract those individuals into being part of the job seeker pool to help business clients find their new hire. 

We will incorporate a variety of marketing to cre8 an effective marketing strategy. The main ones being: 

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Content Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Pay-per-click Marketing

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